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News Article  
Ross organ played a $225 tune at Barker auction
By Karin Milliman

MAYBE, Mich. ó A custom combination organ by Ross offered some free entertainment to the potential buyers waiting for the bidding to start at the Barker’s Trading Post & Auction in Maybee. A gentleman played a couple of tunes and was soon joined by a female singer and they were having a lot of fun just playing around with the organ. It obviously worked great and the volume was turned up high as the music filled the auction house. The final bid price on this fun piece was $225.

Several showcases were attracting their fair share of attention also and the opportunity to buy the size you needed was certainly there at this auction. All the showcases offered were in great condition and the smallest one took the highest bid. It was a table top model with two shelves inside and sold for $150. Another table top showcase, a bit taller but not as big around, brought a bid of $120. And a large oak floor-standing showcase was sold for $125.

There was a nice selection of furniture offered. A very fancy carved desk had a drop-down front and all the expected cubby holes inside. It was in great condition and sold for $140.

Even with one of the curved glass front panels missing, a curved-front china cabinet brought the impressive bid of $80. Other than the missing glass, it was in great condition. A stack of four bookshelves, also with the glass missing from the one door, sold for the bid of $70. A bookcase with four doors, one that pulled up for each shelf, brought a bid of $55.

A narrow oak commode had one drawer and one door under that. The condition on this useful piece was also good and it sold for the bid of $80. A long wicker-front oak planter was quickly claimed for $25.

An organ stool with claw feet holding tightly to glass balls saw a final bid $25. And a vintage oak wall phone in perfect condition rose all the way to $125 before it sold.

Moving to other items, a small box of approximately 100 vintage postcards drummed up their share of interest. They were from Monroe, Mich., and proved to be very popular. They sold for the high bid of $155.

A blue and white granite cookware pan was spirited away for the high bid of $20. A blue granite pail with the lid and handle still intact was sold for $18. A sponge ware two-quart pitcher and matching bowl were sold for $13. An old White Ribbon shortening can sold for $20, including the lid.

A small dark green mason jar was quickly snatched up by a bidder. This pint jar started out the bid at $25 but it took $50 to pack this one away.

A nice cut-glass fruit bowl was sold for $18. A tall cut-glass vase was beautiful. However, someone had drilled a hole in the bottom of it. But it still took a bid of $45 to own this piece.

Someone had taken a lot of time to paint a window. This one had bright red, yellow and purple flowers on it with a small stream running alongside. The colors were vibrant on this piece and it was ready to hand. It was sold for a bid of $30.

A cast iron Red Goose Shoes goose was an eye-catching bank with the brilliant red color. It sold for a bid of $38.

A pair of quilts was offered for sale. They were full size and the first one was an intricate leaf design that had been hand embroidered. It brought a high bid of $50. A second quilt was the same size and had dainty blue flowers on it along with the greenery, also hand embroidered, and sold for $25.

A bronze monkey holding a stack of books was very heavy and would have been used for a bookend. This cute piece brought a bid of $20.

A vintage thread cabinet was sold for $60. It had three drawers with the original porcelain pulls and was in good condition.

A set of azalea dishes were beautiful to look at and would have made a ravishing table display for an elegant party. The complete set was packed away for a bid of $100.

Auctioneers Jack and Billy Barker and Cheri Barker Wylie are the ones running the Barker’s auctions. Watch The Auction Exchange & Collectors News for their next auction. The company can be reached at (723) 587-2042.