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Cover Story
Toy outboard motor revved to $110 at Durocher
Cover Story
Winnie the Pooh has been telling stories for a century
Steelcraft took scrap and turned it into toys
Lincoln Buy-Way offers shopping and history
Visitors find treasures at Michigan Antiques Festival
Beautiful music was made by Whalen
Miniature books definitely don't have small values
Plenty in store at Nappanee Hoosier cabinet museum
Route 50 Sale is action-packed in south-central Indiana
Capt. Billy led Fawcett to start publishing empire
Marx Lumar trucks have stood the test of time
Bidders flocked to turkey calls at Furlo auction
Bonanza lives on in reruns and hearts of collectors
Bronze horse bounded off with $8,300 at Earlywine sale
John Deere sign runs to an astonishing $27,500 bid
Vintage Father's Day cards make a lovely remembrance
Pedal tractors were in high gear at Whalen auction
Marx Lumar trucks have stood the test of time
Baby buggy museum auction sewed up some nice bids
Superman comic books still flying high after 84 years
Brownies and animals highlighted Strawser event
Simpich character dolls have a Thanksgiving flair
Music box plays a merry tune with $1,600 bid
Sculptor John Rogers brought everyday scenes to life
Epic Auctions took bidders to the movies in style
Wallets open wide for antique dental cabinets
Herman Munster: Still monsterishly collectible
25 capped bust silver half dollars made $6,000 at Stony Ridge
Colorful Quimper brightens many homes
Bell rang $3,000 at Braun & Helmer auction
Norman Rockwell dolls bring smiles
Elsie the Cow mooooves collectors to part with cash
The World’s Longest Yard Sale celebrated its Coral Jubilee
Collecting Radioactive Vaseline glass not as dangerous as it sounds
Winged horse flew past expectations to $65,000
Shoehorns help put best foot forward
Snowmobiles plowed impressive bids at Albrecht
Bombe’ furniture one of America’s earliest styles
High chest brings $17,000 at Garth's
Vintage Mother’s Day cards make the perfect gift
Smitty Toys tow truck pulled $1,200 bid at Rowley
Dragonfly brooches fly out of superstition and into hearts
Paperweights may have started as functional; but now are art
Green Goblin smashed records selling for $76,700 at Hakes
Salesman sample delivery wagon pulls in $15,250
Viscaloid helped make Halloween fun in America
Pottery items among stars at the Super Auction
Tiger maple brings out its stripes for glorious furniture
Uncle Sam was a super hero in World War II comic
Celluloid balls revolutionized the game of Ping-Pong
Stones gave ginger beer its heat
Collecting Jimmy Stewart movie posters
No need to check the gauge; petroliana was hot
The big eyes of Margaret Keane
John Deere 2520 tractor drives $19,600 bid with Flokstra
Step into spring with Fire King Tulip bowls
1955 Ford climbs to the top with $23,100 at Currie
Lincoln Logs have been building memories for decades
Wristwatches clocked the highest bids at Schmidt’s
Winchester 1873 fired a $2,675 bid at Peck auction
Train whistles blew big bids at Stanton auction
Paper dolls have been entertaining for centuries
Lady’s porcelain glove box warmed up to $480 bid
Great U.S. 50 Yard Sale had some guessing this year
1969 Chevy Camaro revved up the bidding to $32,000
Shoppers delighted to be back at Barry County show
New owners for Marburger Farms
Antique slot machines: A good bet among collectors
Furlow paintings drew strong bids at Epic Auctions
Shero line inspires with models of influential women
Collectors on the prowl for Lanz Bulldog toy tractors
Stagecoach delivers the bidders to a thundering $17,500
Hamm's Bear propelled beer to stardom
Toy semis pulled in big bids at Vander Kolk Auctions
Jim Beam fire truck decanters race into the heat
Tether car races to $440 at DenOtter auction
Rise and shine with Poppin’ Fresh Pillsbury Doughboy
Farm equipment brings strong bids at Kraft Auction
It only costs one cent to start collection of Lincoln pennies
Overbeck vase featuring unusual war scene brings $33,000
Space-age designs made their way to the television
Lionel trains from Century Club pulled heavy bids
Schuco Fex could turn somersaults and still land on its wheels
The Hula Hop returns to Columbus after a five-year hiatus
14-foot vintage sailboat floats away with $2,800 bid
Beech-Nut Peanut Butter still tickles collectors’ palates
Handel table lamp lit up a $7,000 bid at Schmidt’s
Hubley + motorcycles = a match made in heaven
It was all fun and games for bidders at RJM auction
Jaymar puzzles and dolls provide hours of fun
Pair of Percheron mares pull a $2,600 bid with Goebel
Weather cooperates for July Allegan Antiques Market
1945 Gibson acoustic guitar strummed a $7,500 bid
Betty Crocker keeps fans cooking the best recipes
Picasso bronze brings top dollar at Merkel auction
Monaghan name added cachet at Yoder auction
Dutch Kast pieces symbolized hope and fertility
Silvestri Bros. excelled at chalkware
Vintage cars and petroliana pumped high bids
Michigan Antique Trail organized great auction
10 empty Corgi boxes drew collectors at Freeland Auction Service
Love of quilting was evident in Pamela Rose offering
The lacy developments of Heirlooms of Tomorrow
Victorian elegance graced the auction block
Collectors ramp up in the search for Evel Knievel
Collect wax Christmas ornaments before they melt away
2013 Tesla electrified the crowd selling for $33,831
Ben-Hur coffee still gallops into hearts of collectors
Masudaya toys spark joy in the hearts of collectors
Breyer horses so realistic it is like owning your own
Coffee grinders ground up bids at Whalen auction
Costume jewelry sparked when it hit the block at Pamela Rose
Murano glass has sparkled for centuries in Italy
1993 ruby red Corvette charged to a $15,800 bid
Aluminum trees: Tacky or tasteful?
The beauty of cast-iron Chrstimas tree stands
Tri-State Market continues to evolve after 30 years
200 years of being a ‘right jolly old elf’
Fine jewelry sparkled at Rowley
Tillicum Toys made wooden toys fun to play with
Bidders played some merry tunes at Leonard's
Choppers provided a decorative way to cut food
Blue was a great color to be at Forsythe auction
Collectors are in love with the detail of Brooklin Models
Half-dolls drew steady interest at Pioneer Auctions
Estate auction for an auctioneer
Gold glittered at Leist Auctioneers event
Double-faced squeaker delights to the tune of $1,000
Tiny salesmen’s samples brought big bids at Chupp
Tools and advertising were hot at Chupp/United
Chevy Malibu drives off with $12,000 bid at Cryderman
Whimsical Howat Ceramic bells carry a pretty tune for buyers
Mr. Peanut is definitely a nut above all the others
Cameos cut out the competition when lot sold for $190
$3,300 needed to ride home on 2006 Harley Davidson motorcycle
Bentley saddle rode into sunset for $23,000 at Kraft
LPs surprised bidders when they played big bids
Keystone projectors can be decorative and useful
Brush Pottery cookie jars bring smiles to collectors
1967 Corvette Stingray raced to $82,000 at Cryderman
Animal statues delight bidders at Repocast auction
Stained glass window beamed with $7,500 bid at Braun & Helmer
1903 bar measuring 20 feet long served $6,000 bid
It's all about the squeak for these fun rubber toys
Hand-held mirrors have reflected fashion for centuries
Buddy L trucks made tough and fun for play
1932 Plymouth street rod roared to life at $31,000
Early medical text books valuable, but also scary read
Shoppers flocked to advertising show in Indianapolis
Collectors can step into spring with yellow ware
Fine furniture had strong appeal at Heartland show
Red Ryder more than a BB gun
Gearheads and automobilia collectors revved up
Collectors are still looking for the mark of Zorro
Barn find ‘57 Harley unearthed with a $16,000 bid
Capodimonte: 300 years of excellence

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